Vung Tau beach – don’t miss if you come to Vietnam

In Vietnam, if you mention the sea sure that no one can forget to say the word “Vung Tau”.
Vung Tau is a large, beautiful and cool beach suitable for all visitors whether Vietnamese or foreigners.
I’m sure you will not to forget Vung Tau if you have come here once. How can forget a clean beach, nice and cool but also a myriad of traditional dishes as well as dishes from seafood!

Amazing color of picture!

A road next to the beach

Vung Tau coast


An awesome thing when you try to come Vung Tau via motobike with your team! I think this is a good experience for a trip. You can stop to rest, eat and take pictures to make beautiful memories!

My personal think, this is a trip not only come to Vung Tau because it makes more small trip, which makes your trip more interested!


Now, let check the photos of seafood and the beach!


Now, I very want to eat the seafoods in their when I’m trying to write this article!

Vung Tau Beach:


  • Nguyễn Hồng Đào

    I have often go there. This beach realy good for anyone, who finding amazing place to go.

    • Đô Đốc Di Yếu

      Ok Đào, I totally agree /w you

  • Mandilyn Julie

    There is favourite place of my friend, SLi Han always go there when her has freetime.