Top 10 destinations in Vietnam

Thien Mu pagoda, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc island is the most tourist attractions of Vietnam, which is voted by global tourist on Touropia page. Today ficivn will introduce to you top 10 destinations to go in Vietnam.

Ha Long Bay.

The first of 10 destinations in Vietnam is Ha Long Bay. From the west of northern gulf, include the sea and inslands of Ha Long city, Cam Pha city and a part of island district Van Don, Quang Ninh province. Ha Long Bay has the long beach 120 km, 1.553 square kilometers acreage, include  1.969 islands, most is limestone island , the core of the gulf has 335 km square kilometers acreage with 755 islands.

Attractions in Vietnam

Attractions in VietnamFrom the beautiful landscape. Ha Long bring peaceful for tourists, who visited there. In 3/2012, Ha Long is rated, which is 1 in 29 most beautiful gulf in the world. New Open World organization is original recognized is 1 in 7 wonders in the world.

Thien Mu Pagoda.

The second of 10 destinations is Thien Mu Pagoda. Thien Mu pagoda is as know as Linh Mu pagoda, this pagoda is old and built on Ha Khe hill, left bank of Song Huong (Huong river), the distance from Thien Mu Pagoda to the center of Hue city is 5 km from the west. Thien Mu pagoda is original build on 1601 (Tan Suu).

Attractions in Vietnam

With normal beautiful and wide, Thien Mu pagoda is become the most beautiful pagoda. Spent many generations. We keeping and remodeling it, this pagoda is always beautiful and firm

Attractions in Vietnam

Hoan Kiem Lake.

Hoan Kiem lake as know as Ho Guom, it is the fresh water lake of Hanoi, acreage of lake is 12 ha. This lake has many name and stick with the legend of the Vietnamese people. There is a good destination in Hanoi.

Attractions in Vietnam

Attractions in VietnamHoan Kiem lake is a symbol of the peace. It made many poets inspired to compose.

Hoi An.

Hoi An city. A few centuries ago, it’s famous with the name “Faifoo”, is trade Center of Janpanese, Chinese,  Italia… in South East Asia.

Attractions in Vietnam

Now, Hoi An is still keeping the state of architecture, culture of folk art, culture festival, traditional work, habits and more. Besides, culinary of Hoi An is mentioned by many tourists. I think you will be missed many things if you have try traditional dish yet: Mì Quảng (noodle), white rose cake …

Attractions in Vietnam

Phu Quoc Island.

This island is name Đảo Ngọc (Gem island), it’s is biggest island of Vietnam and also in Thai Land gulf. All of district island has 589,23 squares kilometers of acreage.

Attractions in Vietnam

Attractions in VietnamIn 2008, (professional travel website in Australia) was publier Bãi Dài Phu Quoc is 1 in 13 beach “most frighten and beautiful” in the world. Beside, Phu Quoc is famous place of produce fish sauce in Vietnam.

Sa Pa field stairs.

Sa Pa is town in plateau of North West Vietnam, where has many beautiful field stairs. Natural landscape is romantic, majestic, culinary is abundant, Sa Pa was “stole the mind” of almost tourists, who visited there.

Attractions in Vietnam

Attractions in VietnamIn 2009, Travel and Leisure magazine (US) voted Sa Pa field stairs if 1 in 7 most beautiful field stairs of Asia and the world. In 12/2011 Lonely Planet travel magazine (UK) introduced “Sa Pa is 1 in 10 most tourists attractions of walk”. In 11/2013, Vietnam Ministry of Culture – Sports and Tourism queue Sa Pa field stairs is national attractions.

Mui Ne.

Mui Ne is a travel center in South Midside, there is a beautiful beach.

Attractions in Vietnam

Attractions in VietnamMui Ne has many historical – culture monuments.

Cuu Long river delta.

Cuu Long is part of Mekong river system, it is the symbol of Southern Vietnam, acreage is 40.548,2 square kilometers. There are many ecological models, tourist attractions attractive for you to experience.

Attractions in Vietnam

Attractions in VietnamCuu Long river delta has many orchard grass, special food. You will be enjoy by visit market on the river.

Cu Chi tunnels

It is a famous place of Vietnam built since the Vietnam War

Attractions in Vietnam

Attractions in VietnamThis is a unique architecture, which is deep in the ground, with many floors. With 3 different depths, the upper floor is about 3m above the ground, the middle floor is about 6m from the ground and the bottom floor is 12m deep. Up to now Ben Duoc Ben Dinh and Ben Dinh have been recognized by the State Historical relic at the national level.

Nha Trang.

Nha Trang a coastal city in South Mid Vietnam. There is famous with salanganes nest.

Attractions in Vietnam

Nha Trang has own fresh, cool enviroment.Attractions in Vietnam

  • Andy Victoria

    Please put Hue to your list of top site in Vietnam. Hue is the capital of the last dynasty in Vietnam. It remains alot of royal monuments, great food, beautiful life style and a lovely river across the city.