Clean up plastic bag on Thu Bon river

Clean up plastic bag on Thu Bon river

(QNO) – Hoi An tourist company Kayak tours (in Cam Thanh wards, Hoi An city) hosted a tour very attractive for Vietnamese people and also Foreigners. I think this activies has meaning and it’s one good thing of many things to do in Hoi An. If you don’t know what to do in Hoi An, let’s try it.

Photo by: Minh Hai

Everyday the tour attractive over 10 traveller to clean up…..rubbish!

That is the  tour kayaking to collect plastic bags on downstream of the Thu Bon river. Athough its new but its very attractive travelers, average every ride, group traveleabout 6 people collect at least over 300kg of rubbish. Among them plastic bags than half, Of the rest are old bags, lights, torch… All of them are very toxic and difficult to decomposition.

Activity in tarvel have meaning socially to attraction travelers.

Mr Nguyen Van Long – Du lich Hoi An Kayak tours Company’s Director said: “This tour began from travelers’s idea. Before that, When travelers went kayaking to visited, they saw a lot of plastic bags on the Thu Bon river made it dirty and bad. They said our to found the racket to clean up Thu Bon river, more boat to storage rubbish. After the tour, travelers with our move rubbish to the Inviroment company to decomposition.”

Many rubbish on the river.

According to the Company Du lich Hoi An Kayak tours’s rule, tour for 1 travelers is 10 USD, Vietnamese are free. Mr Long said more: “When the information about this has on the Internet, the travelers are support our a lot; Vietnamese primarily are young students.”

“Rubbish areobsess me!” – this travelers said

“Vietnam is 1 of 5 country used and litter plastic bags most in the world.They used a lot but they didn’t put it into the bin make inviroment very dirty!

Kids very like the tour.
Lot of plastic bags on the river./
“10 USD for… clean up?” But everyone are very happy about it
In 1 evening, they have over 300kg plastic bags!
Tour make travelers experience that difficult to foget.


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