Some things to see in Hanoi


Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. I’m sure if you heard about Vietnam, you will know about Hanoi – a city with a characteristic old culture.
Today ficivn will introduce to you the features in Hanoi.

Sidewalk iced tea

Iced tea is a traditional culture of Hanoi. You can find a teahouse wherever you are, from big road to small alleys. It’s a simple beautiful culture that nowhere can replace. For simple drink, you can choose iced for your menu.

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Pho Hanoi

Pho is a traditional food of Vietnam, it’s not too luxurious but not trivial. As the name Pho Hanoi, it’s a dish very Hanoi. We will have many feelings to remember is the moment that we can have a hot Pho bowl when we are hungry. 1 Pho bowl includes Pho noodles, a few slices of beef, green onion and attach some spices.

Hanoi cuisine

Hanoi cuisine is quite rich. There are so many great dishes that everyone should try once in Hanoi


Photo: Phở cuốn (rolled pho)

Photo: Bánh đúc

Photo: Bún thang

Photo: Bún chả Obama

Photo: Trang Tien Ice cream (kem Tràng Tiền)


Cốm Hanoi: This is a food, which bring you to your childhood, it contains the values of Hanoi culinary. Green rice is sweet. 

Hanoi Old Quarter

Talking about the history of development of “Thang Long – Hanoi” can not mention Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Each ward has different career and concentrate more laborers.

The Temple of Literature

The temple was built in 1070

One Pillar Pagoda


West Lake Hanoi


Long Bien bridge



Hoan Kiem lake


The alleys of Hanoi


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