Some things to note when coming to Vietnam

It is a great honor for Vietnam to be chosen as your summer vacation destination. But to not spoil your visit here I have some tips for you

1. Before leaving the hotel, take a business card with you as it will make it easier for you to return to your hotel.
2. Always bring a bottle of water with you because traveling in hot weather is easy to make you tired.
3. Vietnam is still very conservative about costumes. Although it is more comfortable in the city, you should wear appropriate clothing. It helps you adapt to the weather in Vietnam and helps you be more friendly before the eyes of the locals.
4. Do not lie or sit where your feet turn toward the altar of the owner. That is one of the tough things of the Vietnamese people.
5. Do not carry lots of money or precious things with you when you go out, as you may be robbed
Hope it helps your trip. Wish you have happy memories in Vietnam ❤

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