[Souvenirs] BEN TRE – The Land of Coconuts

§ay Hello

Hello tourists, uhum… It’s so formal. Let me say hello again.

Hello guys, welcome to my Manor. From today, I will be in charge of this part of Ficivn.com. I love travelling so so so much. And during the trip, I often buy souvenirs. Now let’s see what we will buy today for your trip.

Maybe should I open this Group by talking about the Trump Administration or Health Care in the US? If that is too much, I could talk about fluctuation of Bitcoin or the capturing Trịnh Xuân Thanh early this month.

LOL, just kidding, this site is all about traveling traveling and traveling, that’s all.

Let’s go

My hometown is about 40 km less far away from Ben Tre province and in my opinion, this place is the best worth living place in Vietnam. You know why? First, the climate is very pleasant – Cool wind, calm sunshine and you will always smell the the alluvial flavor. This place is not junky like Ho Chi Minh city – I mean … uhhh not as complicated as HCMC. People here almost residents and locals, they ‘ve living hundred years in this place and most of them are farmers. As a result, you ‘re not hearing any Northern voices in here, it is cool, huh?

Oh sorry I talked too much. Let’s begin with the story.

Last 3 years I was given a chance to meet Ben Tre province with my friends. Nowadays, you don’t have to take a boat from Tien River to Ben Tre through Thoi Son island cuz Rach Mieu Bridge was built but I prefer to travel by boat. Ben Tre was known by Coconut and its products, travellers are very interested with souvevirs from Coconut made. The small boat shook above the river in the bright sunshine of the season, the far distance is Rach Mieu bridge linking Tien Giang and Ben Tre province. I was watching the coconut rows on both sides of the river and was trembling in the stomach because there was no life jacket on the boat, that was so scary!

Here we are

Here we come the Thoi Son island, locals sale souvenirs made of coconut shell and body along the road leading to the centre of island. The price was not too high, you just spend around 10$ to 20$ for an amazing gift. That was the different between Sounthern and Northern of Vietnam, you will never be ripped off when travelling here. I will show you some:

Dippers made from coconuts


Decorated bowls

This is all for the 1st part, see you in the next part, I will introduce a very delicious coconut candy in Ben Tre.

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