Sidewalk iced tea culture in Hanoi city

Iced tea, trà đá. It’s one!

For sale iced tea to guest. The owner of “trà đá” shop only prepare some goods below: Table, chair, tea, hot water, ice, glass. Beside, “trà đá” shop also sale cigarett, chewing gum!

If you are Hanoi people or you are used to live in there. You will never forget the photos of “trà đá” glasses. It appears everyplace. From the poor country, sidewalk, no exception with commercial area, luxury area … etc
Everymorning at one of many coffee shop in Hang Giay. We see many old men are talking together about life, news, home and garden …
Beside Hang Vai st, sugarcane juice, green tea, pipe tobacco. Many people told, live in Hanoi, when you live home, walking on the road, the most pupular restaurant is “trà đá”.
Every street, alley. You see people drink iced tea is usual thing.
No need to precious when you try to make up a iced tea cup, suitable for all, it’s friendly, simple and easy to make. In this photos is a Iced tea restaurant on Bat Dan st, This is inspiration of almost street photographers.
There is a “trà đá” restaurant on Hang Dieu st. Very simple but it make all of people feel interested.
Many info about News, Weather, everyday life …
Old TV modem is attractive all of people! .
Grandma, owner of “trà đá” restaurant on O Quan Chuong. She is over 80 years old. Life is steady but she still likes to sell “iced tea” because it makes her happy.
“trà đá” is no strange if you used to be a student, used to walk on many streets of Hanoi. It is a beautiful culture of Vietnam
Simple “trà đá” restaurant on Hang Chieu st
The old man is repose at “trà đá” restaurant
Grandmother and grandchild have fun together.

Simple devices to make “trà đá”..
A “trà đá” restaurant on old street, Nguyen Quang Bich.
Mr Huan (82 years odl, Quynh Mai, Hai Bà Trung districts) told: “I sold it over 10 years. Pipe tobacco, iced is my hobby when I was young. Now I’m living in Hanoi, I monetized with it and reduce to miss my country”.
Discriminate anyone, in this photos, a young man
Hanoi, “trà đá”. Them tied togethers
  • Nguyễn Hồng Đào

    I have never gone there, but I see my hometown (Saigon) man also like that. They like to talk together with a iced tea table.