[Exclusive] [Day1] From Long An to Bao Loc City with Ốp pô steak (Part 2)

From Long An to Bao Loc City and ốp pô steak (Part2)

From the previous part (Ốp pô steak)

The easiest way to have a bundle of steak is wrapping it around the exhaust pipe. Prepare about 300gram to 500gram fresh meat, you may use pork or beef depending on your tasting flavor. Marinate your meat with a little salt, a coffee spoon of sugar and and slice of lemon, keep the marinated meat in fridge for at least 5 hours. Prepare your dish 30 minutes before you go.

Put out your meat from the fridge and now you have the raw material, wrap it with 50 cm2 silver papers, spread the meat out in the paper. Now use 2 zinc wires to tire the whole block outside your exhaust pipe. Take off the pipe’s shield if your pipe is not hot enough. Make it tied otherwise it will fall down when you’re on your road. It takes around 80 km to 100 km to be cooked by the heat from your pipe. I advise that you should rest each 50 km to check out your food.

By far, you can see the break point I notice on the map above. As my calculating, it’s the perfect distance for the meat to reach its perfection. If you can smell it so hard, which means your meat is already to eat. Here is my result, it just tried it for the first the in this trip, it looks not very attractive but the taste is very good, melting your stomach inside, I swear.

The hard road after Ốp pô steak

After taking your breakfast with Ốp pô steak, might be a cup of coffee plus. Now back your pack and we gonna move on. The forward road is hard to ride and hard to control, with the threats always stalking you behind. The temperature will be low down suddenly and also the air pressure when you move from the delta to highland. In addition, the road is too relatively narrow, you have to ride on the same lane with trucks, and other vehicles.


If you travel with your friends, run one by one, do not run a row two of three, it’s dangerous. Be careful at the turning corner, because this is the mountain road, “monster trucks” sometime losing their brakes and rushing at very fast speed.

There are some parts that one side is the mountain and other side is the abyss, the scene is very beautiful. But if you keep watching the scenery without notice, you can be hit by a truck and flied outside of your lane. Usually, at the risky turning corner, there will have a large mirror, remember to pay your attention to this detail, it helps you pretty much there.

Do not ride behind the truck because it is the most dangerous way to ride. Many people think it is safe to ride behind a truck, I don’t think so. If the truck stops abruptly or collides with the one on the opposite side, you will be put in a serious situation.



Along the road, the forest sight-seeings are beautiful, you can stop at a side off the road or in the forest. Shooting some photos and getting a short nap, then move on. There are also rest stops along both sides of the road, which is also a good option for backpacking travelers. Ah, you can also prepare the new turn of Ốp pô steak for the next road.