A number of tourist sites in Vung Tau

Vung Tau, can not make people ‘love at first sight’ like Da Lat or Sapa romance. Vung Tau makes people loved by the little things that are loved, the more discoveries are filled with beautiful memories. Traveling in Vung Tau, contemplate the heart of the traveler love the beauty of the sea. Not as flashy as Saigon, nor as quiet as the city of thousands of flowers, Vung Tau keeps her youthful features and gentle nature of the girl ocean. Let people go, go forever, and then lose their way somewhere in the countless destinations in Vung Tau, accidentally forget the whole way home

1. Statue of God

tourist sites in Vung Tau
The statue of God, also known as Christ, is located on the tip of Little Mountain in Vung Tau, a version similar to the statue of God in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The statue is at 170 meters above sea level, with 133 stepped staircases designed to direct the Lord’s two arms, bringing new experiences to visitors

2. Coc Lake – Tram Lake

Coc Lake –  Tram Lake is the ‘hot’ beach in Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province, about 5km apart. To Ho Coc – Ho Tram, tourists like to be ‘fascinated’ by beautiful pristine beauty to ecstasy. From the fine white sand like ice cream to the clear water, from the magical rocks to the wild primary forest, from the gentle slope of herbs to the whitewashed waves of white foam that make people love more. Love poems of the sea.

tourist sites in Vung Tau
Drop yourself in the light blue sea – Photo: Ồ Studio

The tourist resorts, resorts in Ho Coc – Ho Tram has many beautiful scenery, designed cleverly in harmony with nature, help the album photo of visitors more poetic. The sheep farm, the beautiful green field just like Phan Rang – Ninh Thuan is one of the memorable memories when traveling to Vung Tau.

tourist sites in Vung Tau

Enjoy the trip in the beautiful resort as a dream – Photo: Long Huynh Ba

These are two of my favorite places. I will update more in later articles.

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