“ Travelling around Vietnam by motorcycle is so popular with teenagers nowadays. Youngsters often establish groups on facebook discussing about the benefits and disbenefits of this kind of travelling. There are two type of ideas: People who support this travel ‘s type provide that it is new experience on travelling, teenagers should try at least once in their life. The others think it is too dangerous to take a trip by motorcycle. In this SERIES, I will show you the reasons why you should or should not take this kind of travelling.”


There are 2 routes you could choose depending on your hobby.

If you want to hear the sea breezes blowing through your ears during the trip, you can consult this map. With this route, you will move along the seashore roads, which means you will spend almost your time with beaches and sand. You will see how beautiful the Vietnam coastlines are.

The second choice is this route. This is an adventurous way to trip, but I refer this route than the below. Because – I think – Nha Trang is famous with beautiful beaches and wonderful coastlines, we don’t need any others more. By this route instead, the feeling is much more different. There will have hills, woods, streams, waterfalls and amazing mountainous landscapes along the roads not only beach and beach. But it is also a dangerous way to go.


It is very important, it decides the quality of your trip. Just in case, your life sometimes depends on your backpack. Check out my suggestion for a multi-day trip:


  • Make sure that your vehicle is in good shape: Along the trip, there will have some treks that you will ride alone, no residents or local people. And you will stuck yourself between a strange place for hours. To avoid that, you should prepare your motorcycle carefully:
  • Check brakes, check tires & shocks (air pressure), clean windshield
  • Bring a motorcycle repair tools, air pump and 2 tires just in case.


  • A bag of clothing: With this length of the trip, here is my suggestion
  • 3-4 extra pair of pants.
  • 5 or 6 changes of shirts.
  • 2 pair of socks.
  • 6-7 underwears to change daily.
  • 2 jackets and also rain jacket.
  • Headwear: I suggest using a full-face helmet to protect over your head. Besides, carry a small cap and glasses are functional options.
  • Inside your backpack:
  • Money (Of course!)
  • A cellphone (A gps machine is also an option)
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, sun-cream, condom, etc)
  • Plastic bags and garbage bags.
  • Tools (like a knife, lighter, a charger, etc)

Your luggage is heavy now. Welcome to the journey!!!

1st episode: From Long An to Bao Loc city (Lam Dong province)

From Long An to Bao Loc City


Wanna try the weir dish called Ốp pô steak? Ok scroll down with me!

Hello my friends, long time no see. Last week my friend introduced you a series tripping by motorcycle from Long An to Nha Trang. Unfortunately, my friend is busy at this time. So… as a partner with @Đông Á Phi Long on the trip, I will continue this series – by my writing style ofcourse.

Νow let me surprise you by the first part of the tour. From the very beginning, make sure that you kept up with what I told you to prepare before we start. The pressure and the temperature change extraordinary so you better make up for the worst situations. And the last thing I want you to keep in mind, that you will always riding along with trucks and high weight containers. So it’s necessary to keep your head cold  and your arms strong, stay in your lane and often watch out dogs run across the street. No matter how long you reach the destination, just ride safe and stick to the limit speed. Eating ốp pô steak when you break, I was living my life. Finally, let’s go!


  • Pack your bags, check out everything carefully, make sure that you bring enough money.
  • Start before 5 a.m to avoid the traffic jam.
  • List things that you need and what you will buy, what you will do.
  • Set up your mind if you face police.


  1. Easy roads:  National Highway 1A is easy to ride and easy to find, just follow the street and catch up the route.
  2. Pay your attention to police along the way, if you don’t want to lose your money, don’t mess with them when they are on their duty. Palm them a backhand about 100.000 VND (5$) and you will be pass. I also pointed some dots in the map showing where they often show up.
  3. Police is not the only problem you have to face off, watch your tire sometimes. There have locals who throw metal nails on the street to harm your tire, then you must patch your tire in their shop with a high price. So you should better keep a backup tire in your bags for these cases.
  4. One of the most interesting part of this route is Ốp pô steak, I will show you how to make it on the next part (just follow the series). Make sure that always check your exhaust pipe, it take from 100 to 120 min to be cooked.

    The Ốp pô Steak


I won’t tell you any about the view and landscapes because on the first route, it’s just urban view and you ride across 2 cities, that’s not many things to talk about cities in this series. See you in the next part, I will show you how to cook the “Ốp-pô” steak, you will be surprise what I bring to you. See ya!


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    I’m going to visit Vietnam, this will be helpful to me.

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      Hope to see ya in Saigon

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    Are there any advice for me when visiting Vietnam?

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      you can check out some things when you coming to Vietnam here:

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        many thanks.

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        How old are you, bro?

    • Đô Đốc Di Yếu

      Only visit the South of Vietnam if you dun wanna loose your money for no purpose!

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    How much money did you use for this trip?

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      Oh really mate? We will fix it soon, you can check again on next day.
      We just spent around 1.500.000 VND (~ 70$) each person for this tour, very cheap if you follow his instruction (I’m his fellow traveler)

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    How about the weather? Me and my wife planning a trip to Vietnam. I hope to see you guys.

    • Đô Đốc Di Yếu

      it’s ok to trip from August to February, the air is fresh and warm also the weather was. You will avoid the humidity and wet during the rainy season. Then one thing, visit the South Vietnam if you dont want loose your money for no purpose. Enjoy!