Handbook of backpacking tour to Long An – Vietnam

Backpacking tour to Long An

This area contains the beauty of The Mekong River Delta, it also has the charms of Southeast. You’d better visit here for walking around but not travelling and resting.

The first destination when you come here is Can Duoc district. There has Van Phuoc Temple – where worships the ancestral table of Nguyen Quang Dai, one of the ancestors of “Don ca tai tu” – a type of art in Vietnam.

backpacking tour to Long An
Mekong delta

Can Duoc generate it. Visit Can Duoc, you have a chance to learn about traditional trade villages like Weaving Mats in Long Cang, Long Dinh, Carving Silver in Phuoc Van, Carving Wood in Tan Lan, Shipbuilding in Long Huu, Tan Chanh. There also has a house with hundreds of column – an original architecture. Phuoc Lam pagoda and Rach Kien crossroads are places that you must arrive. The special foods in the place are Nang Thom Cho Dao messing with brine gudgeons. Located in lower course of Vam Co River, Can Giuoc attracts tourist because of the landscapes and sightseeing tours to discover the specific warp of waterways area. The local specialities like “Mam Cong” and “Ca loc nuong trui” will be the best dishes that you have ever eaten.

backpacking tour to Long An
Vam Co River

Duc Hoa – Duc Hue will pull you back with 4 famous history relics. They are Go Xoai, Go Nam Truoc, Go Don, and Binh Ta archaeological relic. Each of them has a characteristic. Go Xoai is known to be the earliest date in Cuu Long Delta River. Go Nam Tuoc is Hinduism architecture.

backpacking tour to Long An

Dong Thap Muoi green tourism is poetic and quiet with endless indigo forest, large lotus ponds covered and thousands of rare and valuable animals like storks, red cranes, turtles, snakes, etc. Nui Dat beauty spot is both poetic and imposing with alternate fields and mountains.

backpacking tour to Long An

On the other hand, don’t forget to visit Thanh Tam flower-garden belonged to Lang Sen sanctuary, indigo forest and river market Tan Lap, Phuoc Tho ancient village, etc. Beside that, you can visit 5 border gates of Long An like My Quy Tay – Duc Hue, Binh Hiep – Moc Hoa, Vam Don – Vinh Hung, Kenh 28 – Vinh Hung. This Province is neighbouring to Saigon so you can easily make it entrepot to the North and Middle of Vietnam.

backpacking tour to Long An

When do we should come?

You can book a tour to Long An in every time. Taking note some cheap and safe hotels like Phuong Hoang Hotel, Huynh Thao Hotel or Cong Doan Hotel. Moreover, people in here are very friendly so you can ask them for staying in one night, it’s okay. It will be cool. Remember not forget to try special foods here like “Canh chua ca chot”, “Ca loc nuong trui”, “Lau mam”, Nang Thom Rice, Go Den alcohol, Ben Luc pinapple, Long Tri watermelon, Duc Hoa peanut, Thu Thua suger-can, Chau Thanh blue dragon, etc.

backpacking tour to Long An

Advice for clothing

You can wear any clothes you want. Bring a sun-glasses if you come in the sunny months and an umbrella in rainy months.

Don’t forget to take an anti-mosquito cream and incest-repellent. A passport is necessary if you want to come across the border gates.

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