Some delicious foods in Hanoi

In Vietnam, we knew 2 big city. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon). Recently I was posted a article is Photos of Saigon pre-1795. Today we will know more about Hanoi capital!

Hanoi is not only has attractions, it’s has many delicious food. Ficivn will introduce to you that food.

Food introduction

Pho Ha Noi


We will have many feelings to remember is the moment that we can have a hot Pho bowl when we are hungry. 1 Pho bowl includes Pho noodles, a few slices of beef, green onion and attach some spices.

Every Pho brand has a private form to cook. Traveler can go to some Pho restaurant in Hanoi: Pho Sướng in Dinh Liet, Pho Ly Quoc Su in end of Nha Chung st, Pho Bat Dan, Pho Thin…

Photo by: Hanh Sady

Rolled Pho Ngu Xa

pho cuon ha noi

Mention the rolled Pho, the people of Hanoi are sure to think Ngu Xa, small road behind Truc Bach lake. Pho noodles and beef are rolled with vagetable. Sweet and sour of fish sauce, and some papaya slices will make you can’t forget this food. A rolled Pho meal is 10 pieces of roll. Price: 50.000 VND

Photo by: Linh San.

pho chien ha noi

Side along, the restaunt has fried noodles, it’s very delicious

Photo by: Le Huong Giang.


Banh duc

banh duc ha noi

On Le Ngoc Han street has a restaurant, which sell heirloom Banh Duc with the form in 30 years .The restaurant store a small street but it has more customer. Banh duc consists of minced meat, fried onion, and some peas. Price is 15.000 VND

Photo by: Le Hong Quynh.


Bun thang

bun than ha noi

Bun thang is a traditional food of old Hanoi people. The ingredients of this dish are quite sophisticated with some small noodles , chicken, fried eggs, mushrooms. Soup is bold and cooked from chicken bone or shrimp. Price: 50.000-60.000 VND.

Photo by: Truong Ly.

“Bun cha Obama”

bun cha obama


This is the dish that US President Brack Obama used to dinner when coming to Vietnam on 23/5/2016, at Huong Lien bakery (Le Van Huu street, Hai Ba Trung)

Price: 40.000 VND.

Trang Tien Iced cream

kem ha noi

It is an impressive dish regardless of winter or summer weather. It is hard to forget this dish if you have ever tried it.Price: 12.000 VND/piece VND.Photo by: Amy Ngan.


Cốm Hanoi

com ha noi

This is a food, which bring you to your childhood, it contains the values of Hanoi culinary. green rice is sweet. Cốm Hanoi packed in lotus leaf. The most delicious Cốm is Me Tri, Vong village.

Cow gut baked in Gam Cau street

long nuong

The street running along Long Bien bridge. The food will mark up is so interested


Xôi  is a sweet or savory Vietnamese dish made from glutinous rice and other ingredients. Xôi is a common on-the-go breakfast item, and a popular snack nationwide.

Xôi is common breakfast food of Hanoi people, It became featured food in capital. In the morning when you walk on road, you will see Xôi easy. Now, stop and eat it with me!

Some note for you


  • Emily D

    Pho Hanoi is good. I was try it for a long time when I lived in there.

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    Write an article about food of Saigon, pls!

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      It’s “foods” and “in”