[Exclusive] Eating Com Suon with Mr. Trinh Xuan Thanh

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COM SUON and Trinh Xuan Thanh

Let me tell you this


I’m sure recently you heard lots of news about the arresting of Trinh Xuan Thanh and you wonder how the Government can get him easily like that. You will be surprised when you know that our Government just reminded Trinh Xuan Thanh of the Vietnamese traditional broken rice (Com Suon), then he confessed. He was caught by police when reading the tourist guide book released by FICIVN last week. Gh I’m just kidding. Don’t arrest me 🙁 ! Back to the topic, I guarantee that you could find nowhere in the world other than Vietnam this savoury dish.

American have this sentence: “When you go black, you can’t go back”. And Vietnamese also have a sentence: “When you hungry, you will eat Com Suon for sure”. This is also the Trinh Xuan Thanh ‘s favorite dish. Alright, gassy enough, now let’s check it out what is Con Suon and why it becoming a symbol of Vietnamese food.

What is it and how it’s made

Broken Rice with grilled pork chop is a special dish of South Vietnam, it is one of the most popular breakfast of the South, especially in old Saigon. Broken rice with grilled ribs, fried eggs, are often served as breakfast. But nowadays this meal is available in lunch, dinner time or in restaurants eating with a variety of other foods. Com Suon becomes a symbol of Vietnamese food because of its commonly in ordinary men. First, it’s easy to cook, easy to eat and it’s not very formal. Second, it has the featured taste and smell. Do not like any other dishes, you will never be depressed after and after and after eating eat. Finally, the cost of each dish is among 15000 VND to 30000 VND (about 1$ to 2$), suitable for college students, workers and people with low income.

When you travelling Vietnam, sometime you will hear the locals say DMCS (shorted of Di mua com suon) which means “I’m hungry, let’s buy a box of Com Suon”. Besides, this dish has another name like Com Tam or Com Tam Mien Nam.

Oh and there is one more thing I want you to keep in your mind. Buy your Com Suon in Saigon or any other provinces in Southern Vietnam. Because it’s original and the taste is much different with one cooking by Northern provinces.


A plate of broken rice may consists of grilled pork rib, fried egg (omelet egg), grilled chopped meat, pig skin or not all of them, but these are the four most popular ingredient served with in and people often put them all together.

Pork rib: Ribs served with it are pork ribs being sweet and sour marinated, then baked. Roadside restaurant always lay the stove in front of their store, the smoke comes out bringing the flavor of the ribs and many people realize that they have just passed the restaurant.

Grilled chopped meat: sometimes it ‘s made from egg or minced meat mixed with mushroom and vermicelli. Then all these materials are full into a rectangular from.

Eggs: People can use grilled egg or omelet egg.

Pig skin: Mixed with spicy flavour.

Pickle: Remember to eat Com Suon with pickle, which makes the rice have more sweet and sour taste. It usually made from tomatoes, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, pickles, sometimes papaya.

Com suon are often put on a plate or box, southerners often use a spoon and fork to eat.

Here are some photos of Com Suon, hope you enjoy it. See ya!

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      Are you nonsense or something? I had dinner with Mr. Trinh Xuan Thanh before he get arrested and the whole story is true you silly! -_-