[Exclusive] [Day1] From Long An to Bao Loc City (Final)

From Long An to Bao Loc City (Final)

What a long day in Bao Loc city!

After stopping by woods in the afternoon, now you are healthy enough to “climb the mountain”, right? Take a  ride straight to Bao Loc city, because it is almost 40 kilometers away. After 5-6 riding hours, maybe you are now here in Bao Loc city, about 12 p.m noon if you rest not too much.

Bao Loc city appears in front of your eyes, talk a walk round the city and admire its beautiful, it is not as beautiful as Da Lat, but I can assume that this place is full of elements of a miniature Da Lat. Bao Loc is lower than Da Lat so you may not feel much cold, the air is also more pleasant and the fog is not too thick, on sunny days Bao Loc city will look better.

Locals here is almost Christian, so you will see many large, beautiful Churches with extended campus here. The local people are also kind and friendly. Oh I speak a bit redundant, Southerners are all hospitable. When you travel in the South, you will never be ripped off or being discriminating like in the North.

After taking a walk around, now you should find a place to have lunch or rest. Restaurants in Bao Loc are very inexpensive, serving variety of dishes from rice to vermicelli,noodle,  pho, etc. Coffee shops in Bao Loc have very nice view with affordable prices, drinking coffee and watching the mountain sights, what a worth living thing!

Midnight dinner

Dong A Phi Long and I have nightlife, we often go out, take a sit, enjoy some cold beer and watch the street. It would be a big mistake if you did not do this in Bao Loc. At night, it was very cold, nothing more exciting than enjoying the hot pots at the roadside restaurants. At the same time looking all around the city sinking into the night, how cool it is!

The roadside booths here are cheap. With the folk foods that pleasing backpacking tourists like duck eggs, drilled chicken eggs, noodles, fried chicken wings, fried chicken legs and snails, etc.

You do not have to worry about staying. This is a tourist city so there are no lack of motels, hotels with many different rates and quality to choose from. Popularly, a motel will cost between 100.000 VND to 200.000 VND (5$ to 10$) per night – acceptable quality. There have other types of accommodation, such as homestay or guesthouses, you are freely to choose.

Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda

This is a famous place not only in Bao Loc city but also in Vietnam. After a very hot singer – MTP – chose this place to film Lac Troi MV. It has quickly become a destination which attracting a lot of youngsters in and outside Vietnam. Of course, you should visit this pagoda early morning instead of other times.

Firstly, it’s not too crowd in the morning, so the air will be fresh. You won’t be able to worry about finding a good space to take your pictures. Secondly, the road to the pagoda is very narrow, slippery and dangerous. So the fewer people move up, the safer. Finally, this moment is the most beautiful scene of the day, the fog has just melted, the sun just slight, giving you the feeling of being in heaven.

Now after visiting Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda, it’s vapeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee time!