10 most delicious Vietnamese street food

Vietnamese street food is popular dishes and common in every road in Vietnam. Vietnamese people is very familiar with this foods, it’s realy awesome. But to the travelers or foreigners in Vietnam maybe not felt the closeness and interested of it yet. Not only for eating. It’s also a party for a group of people to talk together.

It’s feel like interest when we going with our friend to a sidewalk restaurant and then we drink an iced tea cup, eat street food. So it’s awesome when you playing guitar. Perhaps this is a trivial thing, friend. No, I think that who was experience can be understand. Ficivn introduced to you about sidewalk iced tea, it is a street drink.

Now, I will show top 10 most delicious of Vietnamese street food, let do it!

*Note: you can find the restaurant on Foody app to have more option!

Bánh tráng trộn (bánh tráng)

Bánh tráng is mixed with spices! Today, the most famous of Bánh tráng trộn in the southern of Vietnam is Bánh tráng Long An.

Generally, this food is good, I’m a local person but I have never felt that it’s bored. Do not miss if you come to Vietnam.

Some photos about Bánh tráng Long An.

To buy it, you can to Bánh tráng Cúp Bế shop Bánh tráng Lan shop in wards 2 market in Tan An, Long An. For 1kg, you will pay < 100.000 VND. Very cheap to taste. If can’t go to direct shop. You can order by online method on Gánh hàng 1990 fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/ganhhang1990/

Address of Bánh tráng Cúp Bế: Hai Bà Trưng, wards 1, Tân An – Long An, near by Cầu Đúc bridge
Address of Bánh tráng Lan: wards 2 marker, wards 2, Tân An – Long An (open after 13:00PM)


Vietnam has many type of “chè”. Most common of them is: chè đậu đen (black bean), chè đậu xanh (green bean), chè đậu đỏ (red bean), chè bắp (corn), chè khoai môn (taro), chè thập cẩm (many type of material).

The taste of chè is very fresh, cool, heart bar and refreshments and it’s good for healthy. You can easily to find this food in a cafe shop, sidewalk restaurant or a chè restaurant in big city. It is different from the countryside, the place, where sell chè is little.

If you have a chance to go across Ben Luc (Long An) on National Highway 1A. I propose a good restaurant for you. There is Chè Mực Tím, it’s near by Ben Luc bridge. Otherwise you can make experience this food at the roadside restaurants during your trip
Information of Chè Mực Tím:

You can go to the shops in the markets to taste it.

Spring rolls

This is a familiar and popular dish of Vietnam. Most are sold in the evening and evening. This food is a kind of snack with simple but delicious and low cost. These dishes are often sold in the shops near markets or small shops on the sidewalk. Depending on the material for the rolls, we have different prices to choose from but this is a low cost but really good. Don’t worried because it’s a cheap food.
Look! do you like it?
Wow, so attractive
You can see shrimp, pork, vegetables, noodles of this rolls.

Fried tofu

In the memory of the Vietnamese, surely no one ignores this dish because it is associated with their childhood. In the past I enjoyed eating this dish, when I was in elementary school I ate it often. It’s simple but it’s delicious and suitable for school age or even everyone.
Simply put a few pieces of tofu into a pan and fry. This dish is served with chili sauce. Come to the sidewalk to eat if you like it.

Fried dough

Flour is a dish originated from China, then it was imported into Vietnam and became an attractive snack that hardly anyone can refuse. Feeling lucky when it became vietnamese street food.
In Saigon, fried dough is very easy to find. It’s common over 20 years and still like that. Again is cheap street food. The price for each portion of food is between 10,000 VND and 20.000 VND.

Súp cua (crab soup).

Crab soup is a very easy to eat dish almost everyone loves, from adults to children. Not only delicious but also nutritious by the ingredients inside the soup bowl. A cup of delicious crab soup must focus on factors such as to be consistent in the thick, sweet taste of meat, delicious crab flavor. Tan Dinh market crab soup is the most favorite place of all people. Cost for eating crab soup is low, I will give you some restaurant in HCMC below. You can find more another restaurant to have more option.
Súp cua Hạnh
Nguyen Huu Cau st – Food court beside Tan Dinh Market
Open: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Price: 15.000 VND
Crab soup on Nguyen Du
84 Nguyen Du, District 1
Open: 12:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Price: 15.000 VND
Súp Cua Chợ Thiếc
166 Pho Co Dieu, District 11
Open: 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Price: 15.000 VND

Stir-fried corn a.k.a Bắp Xào

Stir-fried corn is one of Saigon’s most famous snacks, with a sweet, harmonious taste, with little bit dried shrimp and spicy hot chili pepper.
You can find this food in every snacks shop.
Thanks for reading this article. hope you to have an impressive of vietnamese street food.
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